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Become a Sponsor
In becoming a sponsor of the Everett Youth Hockey Booster Club you have many different levels and options to choose from to best fit your budget. Your contributions go a long way in making the players of Everett Youth Hockey have one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in their young athletic career in many different ways in addition to helping providing cost reducing funds to help each and every family with children playing hockey in Everett.

By contributing you will not only be helping youth hockey players have a more enjoyable experience and keeping costs for families at a more affordable rate but will be growing your business along with the tax break you will be granted. The Everett Youth Hockey Booster Club will encourage EYH families to support the business' that support the Everett Youth Hockey Booster Club.

If you have any questions or would like to register as a supporter of the Everett Youth Hockey Booster Club, please email us at, and somebody will contact you right away.